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Hiya kids. Uncle Bubba here.

The tests last week went ok, I guess. I’m glad I didn’t try to work half a day on Friday, because I came home after and went right to bed, and stayed there all day. And I have to say they went ok, because I won’t have any results for 2 weeks. The doctor that ordered the tests is going to be gone for two weeks, so I will have to be even more patient than I have been.

Saturday, after the wonderful men’s Bible study we have in the morning, I got to help a new friend drive to north Phoenix to sell her car. Kind of a sad occasion, because she really liked her car, but we had lunch and made a day of it.

Later that afternoon, I went to the movies for the first time in a year and saw The Second Chance. Starring Michael W. Smith, a Christian vocalist, it has a definite Christian bent, taking place in two very different churches. But I believe anyone would like the movie. Well written and acted…check it out. If you’re in Arizona, the Harkins at the Chandler mall is showing it.

Sunday I spent two church services learning how to operate the lighting during church services. If you’ve never been to Cornerstone, then you might not know how much is involved with this…we have a LOT of equipment, including cameras, stage lighting, etc. so I didn’t get to operate much, but looking forward to learning more and becoming part of the production crew.

Yesterday I went to work (of course). It seems like it gets harder and harder to go to work…there were a lot of people mentioning that I looked tired, and one person that asked me what I was doing there. But, I made it through the day, got home, and was in bed (with short breaks to do laundry) by about 7:00.

Well, that’s the latest in Bubba’s world. Thanks again for the prayers…and keep your stick on the ice.

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One of my favorite sayings is “winner, winner, chicken dinner!” So when a friend saw this on a menu, she couldn’t help but snap a pic and send it to me. Thanks, Jodi! 🙂

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Yeah, I know…I have NOT been good about keeping people up to date.

Here goes.

My CT scans all came back negative. One spot on my lungs, but according to my doc doesn’t mean anything. During that time, I also had a blood test come back normal. So, I was wondering (like always), is it in my head? Am I just depressed?

Then I go to the hemotologist. He says everything is normal, so he can’t help me. But he says, just for kicks and giggles, have another blood test, and I’ll copy your doctor on the results.

I have three more appointments for doctors, and at this point I’m starting to think that I’m just freakin’ looney. Loonier than a three-dollar bill. Then I go to my Infectious Diseases doctor, who convienently forgets the consult he had with my family doc to prescribe the 3 weeks of anitbiotics, and starts to chew me out for being on a ‘very strong antibiotic for an extended length of time’. After that, though, he calls the lab, and finds out that my white blood cell count is back up. Maybe now I have enough evidence to stop thinking this crap is all in my head.

Next stop on the Bubba Medical Tour 2005-2006: a tagged white blood cell test. Gather ’round, and get a load of this. Next Thursday, I go at 8:15, to have my blood drawn. I leave the office while they extract the white blood cells, mix them with some radioactive stuff, and then remixed with my blood. At 12:15, I go back to the office, when they will inject me with the blood I just gave them, with the radioactive goodness artificially added by the lab. I leave the office again, only to come back at 4:15 to have my first scan done.

The next scan? 9:15 the next morning. Oh, and the most fun part about all of this…the lab is only 33 miles from my house. I am NOT going to drive back and forth…which means I have about 6 hours of time to kill that day. Eating out and a movie will definitely be part of my day; I don’t know what else I will do.

Everyone has been telling me how good I look, that I have color. I appreciate the compliments, but I have to say I get a little irritated because while I’m being told that, my average bedtime is around 6:00 pm. And if I decide to be out a little late, I get extra tired the next day.

Well, enough of my whining and complaining for today. If you’ve been praying for me, I really appreciate it. If you’re reading this, you are near and dear to my heart, and I pray for you as well. Take care, and God bless you.

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