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Pat Tillman

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WARNING: I am probably going to tick a few people off with this one. Constructive criticism condoned in comments, caustic crybabies comments will be confiscated.

First of all, please know where I’m coming from. Pat Tillman’s act of quitting a multi-million dollar job to serve his country in the Army is more than commendable. His tragic death was an event that allows everyone to view him as a hero. His family’s pain and suffering from losing this fine young man is not to be minimized.

However, I am sick and tired of seeing all the media coverage and all the attention spent on the exact manner of his death. We now know that he was killed by “friendly fire” (boy, does that term suck). We know that initially the military did not want to admit to this fact.

Folks, getting killed or injured by one of your own is an unfortunate by-product of war. All branches of the military are aware of this happening in combat, and I’m positive that each branch has done everything they can to minimize this from happening. But it still happens, and probably always will as long as armed combat is taking place.

Pat is dead. And it doesn’t matter whether he died because of a bullet from a Taliban-fired gun, friendly fire, or if his truck blew a tire and then went off a bridge. He died serving his country in war, and the exact manner is irrelevant. Should the military try to prevent unnecessary deaths in combat? Yes. But if you’ll excuse the pun, this horse is dead, kids…and we should stop beating it. Let the Tillman family grieve in peace for their fallen son, and let the media find something else to report.

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Quick one

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Not much entertainment in this post, folks. Just logging on from work (on my lunchbreak).

I am more tired today than I have been in months. After drinking a quart of Rockstar energy drinks (that’s two double-sized cans), I still almost fell asleep during a meeting and at my desk. I also had some decent back pain that kept me limping for much of the morning.

Other than that, though, I’m just peachy keen.

The Diamondbacks won their fifth straight game last night…who knows? Maybe we’ll see them in the playoffs this year. Because it sure doesn’t look like my White Sox are going to be joining the October party this year.

If I can stay awake, I’m going tubing on the Salt River on Saturday.

Well, I’m off to check on some fibromyalgia sites. Talk to y’all later.

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Random thoughts

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Advance warning: this post will probably ramble just a bit.

In other words, if you read this post and understand it…seek professional help. IMMEDIATELY.

I’m proud of myself. Waited until noon to start my second Rockstar energy drink. The first one had double the caffeine…and I always get the double size…so it’s about 4 cups of coffee, plus some B vitamins (which I still haven’t taken today). This being said, I’m still tired. I’d take a nap right now if I could.

I’m also trying to decide if I should go tubing on the Salt River with some friends from church on Saturday. I’ve been wanting to do this since I moved to Arizona, and it would be good to do something outside. However, the mountain of laundry in my room is huge, and I still need to rest sometime. I’m leaning towards going…but I may do the smart thing instead and stay home.

I also have group tonight for my Life Group….still haven’t 100% decided about that either.

For those of you not in Arizona…the temperature has cooled down about 15 degrees versus what it was the past few weeks….but since the monsoon season officially started on Saturday, it feels like a sauna out there. I would trade the extra 15 degrees just to get rid of the humidity. Yuck.

Brooks & Dunn are singing their song “Believe” in my ear. Check it out, especially if you’re a Christian.

I told you this would ramble more than usual.

There are times riding my bike that I realize how fast I’m going…and it gets scary. Wearing that helmet is probably a good idea…especially if it means Deb will stop chiding me for going sans helmet.

I watched Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show last night. Gotta tell ya…Bubba gets excited when he sees a maple-frosted donut with two large strips of well-done bacon on top. For you health freaks…I had a complete checkup by my cardiologist…who said all my arteries are clear. So bite me.

Well, time to get back to work. Bubba sez God bless.

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Barry Bonds

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First of all, anyone who knows Bubba knows that he ain’t rootin’ for Barry. Bubba is definitely NOT a Giants’ fan.

However, I have a decent amount of respect for Mr. Bonds. Why? Because even though he isn’t exactly a class act with some of his statements off the field, on the field I believe he performs just like he’s supposed to.

Anyone paying attention to the Bonds home run chase knows that he gets walked. A LOT. And if I was in his shoes, I know I would be more than a little frustrated at not getting a pitch to hit. But regardless of what he feels inside, Barry doesn’t whine, mope, pout, complain, or anything else to resemble a three-year old. He takes the walk, and trots down to first. Like a professional.

I also highlights of the game against the Braves with John Smoltz pitching. There was at least one pitch that Smoltz threw that caused Barry to do a little fast dancing so he wouldn’t get hit with an 85 mile an hour projectile. Barry later on grounded out, trotted by the mound and said something to Smoltz, and sat down in the dugout. Yes, he said something to the pitcher, but there didn’t appear to be much animosity there…just a couple of veterans jawing at each other in an almost amicable rivalry.

Contrast that with what happened at the Diamondbacks/Cubs game on Saturday. Aramis Ramirez at bat for the Cubs, Micah Owings pitching for the Snakes. Micah came inside with a pitch that almost hits Ramirez. Now, Aramis is batting .314 with 16 HR/64 RBI. This is NOT a guy I want to feel comfortable at the plate. I’m going to make him as uncomfortable as possible.

So, knowing that, Ramirez should have expected a close pitch. However, when the ball came inside, he took two steps out to the mound like he was going to rush the pitcher. He should have been thrown out of the game; instead, he ended up grounding out, and then going 0 for 4 for the day with two strikeouts. The Flubbies lost that game 3-2, a close game that could have went the other way had Ramirez kept his head in the game.

Bubba gives credit where credit is due. Bonds is a great hitter, and realizes that he’s a target. Ramirez is a brat that needs to grow up.

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Coach killed at minor league game

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By now, you’ve probably heard about it, but I think it bears repeating…with a small note.

Sunday night, in the ninth inning, Mike Coolbaugh was coaching at first base for the Tulsa Drillers, the Colorado Rockies’ AA affiliate in the Texas League. A foul ball was hit by one of his players, and it hit him in the head, knocking him unconscious. He was then transported by ambulance to Baptist Medical Center in North Little Rock. But when the ambulance arrived, he stopped breathing, and never regained consciousness.

I’m sure Mike never knew that Sunday would be his last day on earth. He never knew that he had seen his wife and kids for the last time, or that he would never get to see his wife deliver their third child, expected some time in October. Just like that, Mike’s life came to an abrupt end.

You know where I’m going with this. Proverbs 27:1 says “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth”…or, in Bubba-speak, tomorrow ain’t promised to nobody. Hug your kids, kiss your wife, and end that little spat that has been going on much too long. And, above all, tell those you care for that you love them. Bubba sez ’nuff said.

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Sex in Church

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Yep, you read it right.

Sex…in CHURCH!

No, Bubba isn’t getting lucky….in church, or anywhere else for that matter.

What I’m talking about is a new series that we’re doing in church starting on August 12th, where we will be talking about sex. Now, the first thought that would come to my mind is “so, like, mmmkay…sleepin’ around is bad, mmmkay…and, like, um, cheatin’ on your wife is bad”…but it won’t be. They’re promising that this look at sex will be unlike anything you’ve seen in church before.

Here’s how you can check it out:

1. I have a handy dandy link right at the top of my page. Top, right…ok, now look for the four feet sticking out of the covers. Click there.
2. Go to my MySpace page. Click on the How Sexy Am I friend link.
3. Go to my YouTube favorites (username: you guessed it…azbubba)
4. Watch the video below.

There ya go. If you’re in the Chandler, AZ area starting August 12, and you don’t already attend Cornerstone, drop by and check this series out. I think you’ll be surprised. Oh, and drop me a line and let me know that you’re going.

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I was inspired, if you will, by a fellow blogger to put a blurb here about Mother…and what it means to me in my life.

I was the first born child to my mom and dad. We lived in New York state, somewhere north of the city, but not too far. If you’re familiar with the area, think of Spring Valley, Monsey, Nanuet, that area around there.

Anyhoo, one brother and sister (twins) were born about 16 months after me, and then a sister followed about another two and a half years after that. Shortly after my youngest sister was born, mom and dad decided they couldn’t live together, and divorced for whatever reasons parents of four kids divorce.

Well, mom got custody of us four kids. I am too young to remember much detail about this time, but I’m sure what follows is going to be factually correct.

I remember that mom liked dating. A lot. Several different men came to the apartment for overnight visits, and some of them were not very nice, to say the least. The first one that she married actually thought it was a good idea to throw steak knives into the wall, just above where my brother was sitting. He also was convicted of armed robbery, and I vaguely remember at least one visit to the prison where he was incarcerated. Now, I’m not sure which prison we visited, but I do remember that he served time in Dannemora, which is a maximum security prison in northern New York. Ergo, he did more than just a couple of arrests for public intoxication…he was NOT a good man.

OK, so mom wasn’t an expert on finding a spouse that would be good for her or her four kids. Well, we all have faults, so I won’t dwell anymore on that. However, the next problem was one that, to this day, I don’t understand.

After it was clear that hubby #2 wouldn’t be home anytime soon, mom decided that we needed to spend time with grandma. So, she would drop us off, and after an overnight or two, she would pick us up to go home. Well, at first it was a night or two…or three…and you can see where this is headed. The last time she dropped us off it was for about 2 months. During these absences, she wouldn’t even call…or at least if she did, she didn’t talk to us kids.

Finally, grandma called my dad, and informed him that she could not continue to care for us, and dad came and got us.

After that, I saw my mother twice. Meaning, between the time I turned 7 and the time I turned 18, I got visited by my mom a total of two times. I’m sure the second time would have been more fulfilling, but getting busted for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia cut her visit a wee bit short.

It took a lot of hunting to track down my mother after I grew up. By this time, she had moved from New York and New Jersey to California. I did get to talk to her some, though, and in 1991 I got to fly out and visit her for five days. Because she was grumpy, this five day visit was about three days too long. She attributed her grumpiness to quitting smoking cigarettes. At least that was her excuse. I have a lot of doubts about her sincerity in quitting, however, since I discovered a rather large pot plant growing in the back of her garage.

Which brings us to the present. About five years ago, Bubba moved to Arizona, and found that his biological mother was now in the same state! Having been let down before, I was cautious, but still anxious to meet with her, and possibly develop a relationship. We talked on the phone a few times, and I tried several times to arrange a time to drive down to Tucson and visit. However, she kept telling me that I had to give much more advance notice (a week wasn’t enough) because she was so busy and had so much to do. And yeah, I understand how that happens…with a job and stuff. Oops! She doesn’t have a job…she’s out on permanent disability, probably something to do with mental health. She was busy…arranging spades tournaments online. So busy, that she didn’t have time to meet with her son that she had seen once in the past 22 years.

Then, I couldn’t reach her anymore. She never answered. After tries for several months, I got the picture, and stopped calling. I tried about 6 months later, though, only to find that someone else now had the phone number.

My sisters are in some contact with my mom, so I called one of them, told them to give mom my phone number, and note how she responds.

After doing this, sis called me back and said that I shouldn’t expect a call anytime soon.

So….after she basically abandoned us…and we grow up…and live 2 hours from her…she still doesn’t want anything to do with me.

Sometimes, I really don’t know what to do with this information. I mean, I’ve dealt a lot with individuals that have had mental illnesses, drug and alcohol problems, and problems with kids. But I don’t understand for the life of me why she chooses not to see me.

Why did I bother to type all of this? I guess I did it because the blogger I’m referring to has some issues with her mom. I didn’t read all of the post word for word, but it sounds like she is (at least temporarily) housing and caring for her mother, who often behaves as if she’s the child. Because of some other stuff, an Anonymous poster comes along and criticizes her for being too harsh on her mom.

Well, after all of this, along with the stuff I’ve been through, I got two things to say.

1. Anonymous posters who have negative stuff to say….SUCK. Hey, I understand if you don’t want to register for a Blogger account. But if you got something negative to say, have the decency to at least put an email address on it. Otherwise, all you’re doing is bringing someone down. Please remember that there are real people behind these blogs, and we’re not putting our lives out there so you can make anonymous, snide comments. If your life is running so well that you believe you’re qualified to dispense advice to us poor helpless souls, leave your contact information and tell us what we need to hear in a forum less public than the internet. Otherwise, shaddup.

2. I love my mother. Really. And I respect her. Always will. Even if she was nothing more than a semi-voluntary egg donor, I would not be here if it wasn’t for her. But before you criticize any aspect of someone’s relationships, you better understand what you’re talking about first.

Well, that’s it. Bedtime. God bless ya…

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July 11

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Hi there! If you’re reading this…I’m surprised.

I took quite a long hiatus from updating this, for several reasons. After some serious soul-searching, I came to the conclusion that none of the reasons were representative of who I wanted to be…so I decided to throw together another update.

If the above statement seems cryptic…well, let’s just say I’m done with pity parties.

Anyhoo, I haven’t been doing a whole lot lately except for working, hanging out with friends, and sleeping. Oh, working at church, too.

Healthwise, I’m doing about the same. I found that vitamin B complex can help me get through the work day just a little better than normal, and that Rockstar Energy Drinks are going to be the official energy drink of The Redneck Desert Dweller. The only thing I don’t like about them is their motto, “Party Like a Rockstar!” printed on the side of the can. Lemme tell ya, kids…Bubba don’t drink these things because he wants to party all night…Bubba drinks ’em because he wants to be functioning at his job past 10:00am. I actually haven’t missed a day in a couple of weeks (woohoo!) but I’m looking to schedule a day or two off now because I am starting to have a real hard time getting energy to do stuff like…oh, clean, laundry, etc.

The bus is starting to become a very interesting mode of transportation. The other day, I saw three drunk teenage boys at 6:00 am wait for a bus to take them…three blocks. Heck, I have to go five blocks just to get to the bus stop…and these kids can’t WALK that distance? Oh well, I guess it was worth it for me. I mean, I count it a good day when I can see one boy fart on another kid’s face. Yeah, you read that right…one kid was laying down on the bench in the bus shelter, and the other one came along and…yep, broke wind right on top of his nose. I guess I just have to remember that I was young at one time too….but then I saw a guy this morning waiting for the bus…and he was my age or older. He decided that the proper way to wait for public transportation is to do stretches, and then use two quart bottles of water as weights while he did his workout routine. I swear some of his moves looked like a Tae-Bo exhibition…or maybe he was just showing off for me or something. I must be getting old. I would be embarassed to do what he was doing in my own house with the blinds drawn, much less in public.

Has anyone else dated a co-worker, only to have it end up badly? Guess I’ll wise up one of these days.

I bought a Creative Zen V Plus, and I have the Yahoo! Music Unlimited to go along with it. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s an MP3 player…but with the Yahoo! stuff I can download pretty much whatever I want. It’s fun to listen to new albums everyday…without having to buy them. I can also listen to sermons from church.

I am also finding it a bit easier to ride my bike, since I now ride it pretty much every day. I feel like I’m in a little better shape, even though I’ve gained about 5 pounds over the past week…I wish I could find a way to get rid of this extra weight. I mean, I’m being physically active, eating better (had a salad and an orange for lunch)…but it’s hard to get rid of.

Yanno, I originally started this blog because I wanted to be transparent. I wanted a place to download all the stuff in my head, and I wanted others to see what’s really going on with me. However, I also see that people have used it to develop negative opinions about me, to criticize me for how I spend what little money I have, and to ridicule what I believe in. Lately, I’ve kind of taken some of that negativity to heart, thinking that maybe I’m not the best person I could be. Today, though, I have different thoughts. I don’t know of anyone in the world that was liked by EVERYONE. I mean, even Jesus was crucified because he healed people on the Sabbath, and questioned the religious leaders of his day. And no, I do NOT equate what I’m going through with Jesus.

But I guess I’m coming to the realization that I won’t please everyone by what I’m writing. SO…if you’re reading this to get more ammo in your crusade to hate on Bubba, go ahead. If your life is so empty that this is your form of entertainment, go for it. And if you want to make yourself feel better about being an atheist by peeking into the life of a Christian that dares to trust in God, well, God bless ya.

If you’re still reading…God bless you. No matter what your reason.

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