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Howdy folks. Unca Bubba here, sayin howdy and hope y’all had a great weekend. Today is going to consist of the same mindless drivel you’re used to by now. Hope you enjoy it.

Right now I’m on lunch break listening to a 70s/80s mix of R&B and disco…fun stuff. George Clinton’s Atomic Dog either gets yer toes tappin’, or you ain’t been checked for a pulse lately.

Got to see the Dbacks win on Saturday night 6-2 over the Dodgers. A truly fun game for several reasons: 1) the Dbacks are in a tight playoff race, 2) they won, 3) because of the rivalry between the Dbacks and Dodgers fans. No one was hurt, security wasn’t involved, it was simply a bunch of fans rooting for different teams that didn’t get out of hand. There were about 100 Dodgers fans congregated in the same section chanting “Lets go Dodgers!”, which caused the Diamondback fans to chant “Beat LA!” I think those are some of the most fun moments in sports…

Janet Jackson, That’s The Way Love Goes. Nice, quiet stuff for work.

You know, Bubba has been on da internets for a long time. The first time Bubba got online was 1996, and I’ve seen a lot. However, I’ve been doin a lot of thinkin about some of the stuff I see about Christians over the years. And lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of it is because one thing that Christians love to do more than anything else is tell everyone else how to run their lives.


What in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks gives us the right to outlaw certain types of bars, or get in an uproar about pornography? Why are we so concerned about gay marriage? Are we so good at cleaning up OUR backyards that we have the spare time to tell others how to do it?

Now, I know there are a lot of Christians reading this right now thinkin “uh-oh, Bubba’s gone off the deep end! Get him to church ASAP!!!” If you’re in that crowd, calm down and take a deep breath. No, I’m not visiting strip clubs, downloading porn, or anything like that. I don’t even think any of those are good options. I’ve made up my own mind, and none of those are right for me.

The gentlemen that founded our nation some 231 years ago were Christians. But they did not set up a Christian nation. They founded a nation where you could be a Christian, a Jew, Muslim, Zoroastrian, or whatever else you wanted to be. In other words, our founding fathers built this country on the principles of FREEDOM, which is also what the Christian faith should represent. Instead, Christians are known as some of the most freedom-killing people in the world.

I am too busy worrying about my relationship with God to worry about homosexual marriage, the adult video stores in downtown Phoenix, or whether Brandee has to wear pasties at the local topless club. Legislating morality does NOT work for several reasons. If you have any doubts, ask yourself why Prohibition failed so miserably.

As Christians, we didn’t change because God gave the ten commandments to Moses, or because we have Bibles in our houses. Knowing God’s law did NOT make us better people. The only reason we are changed because of the power of God, and the sacrifice that Jesus, God’s son, made for us by dying on the cross. If all of this is true, why would we ever think passing laws could save anyone?

Do you really want to change the world? Start with your own corner. Clean up your own backyard. How does someone know we are Christians? By our LOVE. Therefore, love your neighbor. 1 Cor 13:4 states that love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant. Therefore, meet your neighbor where he/she is. Be patient. Do not brag, don’t be arrogant. The only reason Christians are forgiven is because He chose US, not the other way around.

I’m sure I’ll post more on this one because this is where my passion lies. Until then, Bubba sez love your neighbors, enemies, and friends…and God bless.

Ending with: Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel, Tavares.

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