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What’s Bubba Really Like?

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Hey, the results of this test won’t come as a surprise to anyone that knows Bubba…but check it out anyhoo.

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Thursday Thirteen #26

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Hiya, kids. Bubba has 13 phrases he’s been known to say…some more often than others, of course.

  1. When I was knee-high to a grasshopper…
  2. Like my momma always said, “that’s where thinkin’ got ya!”
  3. This must be some strange, new use of the word _______ I’m not familiar with. As in…”ooh! I had so much fun shopping!” “Really. That must be some strange, new use of the word FUN that I’m not familiar with.”
  4. Oh, yeah. There’s something to put on a resume.
  5. OK. Who are you, and what did you do with __________?
  6. Top o’ th’ mornin’ to y’all! A tribute to the Irish Redneck I am.
  7. I was born at night…but I wasn’t born LAST night.
  8. This ain’t mah first rodeo.
  9. Well, you know what I always say….
  10. I don’t have the time or the deodorant to make this stuff up.
  11. Here’s your sign.
  12. Does your momma know you play _________?
  13. and…since I’ve been married twice… I’ve said this one a LOT. I’m sorry.
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blah blah blah

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Howdy, kids. Unca Bubba just decided he’d offload a bunch of mental stuff hanging around.

  • I feel like I’ve gotten selfish about certain things. Especially when it comes to dating and spending time with people. I feel like I’ve spent way too much of my life with the wrong people…excepting anyone reading this, of course. 😉 But seriously…sometimes I’ve chased the wrong relationships, much to the detriment of my life. Only problem: I guess in some ways I’m not sure how to find the right relationships, yanno? If that makes sense to anyone…you probably need help. God knows I do.
  • I’ve started letting my bosses know that I think it’s time for me to find another challenge at work. A lot of positive feedback has been given back to me about it…but it’s kind of scary. I’ve been doing the same job for 4 years now…and change is going to be uncomfortable at first. But I think I’m ready.
  • I’ve now walked over 40 miles in about one month’s time, without any serious injury or ambulances. I still can’t believe it.
  • It seems that I’m starting a lot of new stuff lately. Possible job change, the 3 day walk, relationships…oh, and I still want to get a drum set. Or a guitar. But I want to do more with music than one night a week at church.

Ooops. Back to work…thanks for stopping by. God bless!

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Iowa Flood Victims

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My new friend at Forever Daisies did the best Thursday Thirteen of the week: she posted 13 ways to help the flood victims in Iowa. If you want to help, click on this link. Thanks, Crazy Daisy!

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Sunday, June 22

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Howdy, folks. If you’re reading this…you’re either a really dedicated reader to this blog, really bored, or in need of professional counseling. Some of you will probably fit two of those categories.

First of all, I’ve finished my third week of training for The 3 Day. Less than 21 weeks remain until I show up to walk 60 miles over three days…and it still scares the heck out of me. But I’m doing pretty well…finished a 3.5 mile walk just now, and not too painful. I also totaled my total training miles that I’ve walked so far: 31.

What follows is personal rambling. If you still have sanity, or just sick of listening to people whine, stop reading now. Or, if I used to date you, just go somewhere else now. Continue at your own risk.

The end of last week was really kind of weird to me. I got communication from two ex-girlfriends…and I wasn’t quite prepared for the effect it had on me. The first one was a woman I had dated for a while…before it ended pretty badly. And yep, I had a fair amount of blame, can’t blame it all on her…not even close. The only communication I get from this ex is posts on this blog. Won’t call, email, or even talk face to face. The previous last time we really communicated was when she posted less than flattering comments on this blog, while we still worked in the same building. I went upstairs to her desk, mentioned that our communication really sucks, and offered to go somewhere after work to talk. Her reaction? “yeah, I’ll do it, but I don’t have anything to say.”

After that, I guess I figured that we were done talking. Permanently. However, she decided to stop by my blog a few days ago, and comment about how well I was doing. I was a little stunned by this, for some reason. First of all, after a comment like “I don’t have anything to say”, I would expect that chapter to be closed. And I also heard through the grapevine (AKA office rumour mill) that she got married. Why would she still be visiting my blog? To be honest, I’m a little creeped out. I mean, she broke up with me (her words). If I’m not good enough to date or talk to, why would she keep reading?

Oh, and if you’re the person I’m talking about…don’t bother commenting on this post; I will delete it immediately. If you really have something to say to me, pick up a phone or show up in person. And if you do…please have an answer as to why a married woman would be keeping tabs on an ex-boyfriend.

Oh, and one other ex-girlfriend. I guess I thought that I could forward one of those chain emails we get dozens of everyday. Honestly, I probably do not forward 5 of those in a year, but I got one that I really liked…so I just picked a bunch of names from my address book and hit send. I then got an email from her asking to be removed from my mailing list. Well, I really didn’t want to make waves, so I deleted her from my address book and sent her a note back just saying “done.” Then she emailed me back stating “well, since you’re done with me, guess there’s no sense getting email from you.” I saw that as an attempt to engage me in some sort of dialogue…a dialogue I just wasn’t interested in having.

Somehow, both of these spurred me to do a lot of self-introspection about relationships. Why do I keep picking women like I have in the past? Why are certain women attracted to me? Lately, I’ve been also thinking about how much I’ve extended myself as a friend to some people that don’t seem to reciprocate. So, I don’t think that I treat those people badly now…but I won’t run over to give them hugs anymore, either. I like to be affectionate towards everyone, but I think I need to learn those boundaries again, without going totally in the other direction and mistreating people. If I’ve gone the other way, please let me know.

I believe part of this is due to a somewhat abrupt personality change from being ill for so long, and then coming alive again. I tried to explain this to a friend of mine from church yesterday…and I failed miserably (and probably ticked her off in the process). In some ways, I feel like I’ve been born again, and learning some relationship skills anew.

I also realize that I’ve been single longer now than any other time in my adult life. I started dating my first wife when I was 21, and I was divorced a little over a year when I started dating my second. I guess it takes me a couple of decades longer than some…but Bubba eventually learns.

Well, I think I’m done whining for tonight. After writing about all of this, I guess I’m glad that this is the biggest problem I have in my life right now. Bubba sez g’night, and God bless.

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Thursday Thirteen #25

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Thirteen Things You Need To Know About Credit Cards

  1. If you add someone as an authorized user, you’re allowing them to use the credit card like he/she owned it. For instance: if you give your son a credit card and tell him to use it “only for emergencies”…and he has a 52” television “emergency”, you’re liable. Now, I’m not saying don’t give your son a credit card…but if you have a credit card with a $25,000 limit, you may want to find another one to give to Johnny.
  2. Being late on any other loan can raise your interest rate. Some credit card card companies are changing this…but most banks pull your credit report on a monthly basis. If they see that you’re falling behind on other credit cards, an auto loan, a mortgage…they can (and will) raise your APR.
  3. With that in mind, check your credit report annually. The best site for this is It is a site established by the three major credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian), mandated by the Federal government, that allows you free access to your credit report each year without having to sign up for a credit monitoring service.
  4. If you have a dispute with your billing statement, you have 60 days from the statement date of the charge to let your bank know that you’re disputing the charge. Therefore, it’s important to read your statement every month. The biggest damage can be done with a recurring charge (gym membership, etc.) If you cancel a service, and it keeps billing to your credit card, you can only dispute the charges from the last 60 days of statements. You may be held liable for charges that are older than 60 days.
  5. Get rewarded for using your credit OR debit card. Every major bank has credit and debit rewards programs. Some rewards programs carry an annual fee, but there are a lot that do not. If you’re not getting rewarded…you’re missing out. My debit card has had a rewards program for about a year…and I’ve already gotten pretty decent rewards.
  6. If you’re married, do NOT allow your spouse to manage your finances without any supervision. Am I saying that you should not trust your wife/husband? No. Do you have to watch over their shoulder every month when the bills are paid? Heck no! But as a fraud investigator, I’ve heard this story too many times: “well, she always paid the bills, been doing it for 20 years, I never knew what she was doing!” If a credit card is in your name, make sure you see a statement every few months or so.
  7. In most states, identity theft is a felony. Why do I mention this? Because a lot of fraud happens between family members. Now, I know this may be a hard statement…but if your precious little snowflake opens a credit card in your name, you need to file a police report and see that it doesn’t happen again. First of all, you need to protect your rights. If you find out about one credit card opened with a $2,000 balance, you may not know about the four others that have balances over $40,000 on them. Second, if you let your relative get away with stealing your identity…they may steal someone else’s. And that someone else may not be nearly as nice as your are.
  8. If you go to an ATM or self-service credit card terminal (the ones at the gas pumps), take a moment to make sure that someone hasn’t added something on to the credit card reader. If something about the machine looks strange, don’t use it.
  9. The internet is probably one of the safest places to use your credit card. Reason? Internet merchants already realize the amount of distrust held by some people about putting your credit card number online. And with that, the absolute biggest fear an online retailer has is for the public to find out that their servers got hacked, and credit card numbers were ripped off. If anyone found out that got hacked…guess how long they would remain in business. Not long. Therefore, online merchants are going to be more protective of your information than almost anyone else out there.
  10. That being said, you still want to make sure that the merchants you do business with have encrypted websites. You should see a little padlock (or something similar) at the bottom right corner of your browser. If you don’t see it, don’t shop there.
  11. Never, never, never, NEVER….NEVER give anyone your PIN. That includes: spouses, friends, kids, relatives, anyone! Never! If you trust someone that much, get them their own card. If it’s a debit card, they can select their own PIN for their card. If it’s a credit card, and they need a cash advance, have them go to a bank teller, where no PIN is needed.
  12. If you have a business that insists on charging your credit card for a recurring charge month after month, reporting your credit card lost and changing the number may not stop them from continuing to do so. If you report a card lost or stolen, the issuing bank may allow a recurring charge to forward to the new card for some time after the original account number has been shut down. If you cancel a service, and they continue to bill you for it, contact your bank and tell them that you want to dispute the charges.
  13. Closing your credit cards may adversely affect your credit score. While you want to make sure that you don’t have an excessive amount of available credit in your name, closing credit cards that you’ve had for a long time may quickly reduce the amount of positive credit history you have built up.
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Music Video…sorta.

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One of my favorite songs…and has been known to move me to tears. Yeah, Bubba’s a softie…but you already knew that, didn’t you?

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Eating in Tempe, AZ?

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Two things you should know:

1. Jack in the Box on Mill and University is closed for remodeling. And I was SO looking forward to an Extreme Sausage sammich this morning.

2. In Season Deli is a must-have. I went for the first time today and had some pasta salad and fruit for about $7. If you’re in Tempe and need something for lunch on Mill Avenue, seek it out. It’s buried in a corner behind Fatburger.

Back to work!

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Yeah, you aren’t going to like me if you hit play.

But, you’re still going to do it.

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Steve Harvey Introduces Jesus

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Ran across this one, thought you might like it.

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