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Random Brain Droppings

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  • I really slacked off on the walking for last week, but I did manage to get 5 miles in on Saturday morning. I will NOT repeat that again this week. I’m taking tomorrow off so I know I’ll be walking tomorrow morning. On the other hand, donations have dropped off. If you’re reading this and can donate, please do. Top right hand corner of the page.
  • I’m nearing 100 miles walked in preparation for the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk, and should reach that this week.
  • Church was a blast this weekend. Chad Moore from Sun Valley Community Church spoke, and his style is pretty awesome. Check out the sermon later this week on Cornerstone’s website. Since I was there for all five services doing lighting, it was well worth the time spent. Thanks, Chad!
  • Speaking of church, Mike Minter is coming to our church next Sunday, August 3. If you’re in the Phoenix area (especially East Valley), and you’re a football fan, come check this guy out. He was one of the captains for the Carolina Panthers for several years until his career was cut short by injury. Pastor Linn promises it’s going to be worth your time.
  • I’m sure I’m going to jinx myself by doing this…but I found someone at church that I really like…and so far she seems to like me, too. Why, I have no idea. But it’s a lot of fun spending time with her, getting to know her. Exciting stuff. I mention it only because it seems to take a little time from my schedule.
  • No, I’m not putting her name on here. Stop looking. You want to know more…you’re going to have to ask.
  • I’m in the process of going back to school. I’m filling out all the forms, including school application, financial aid, and tuition assistance at work. I’m sure this is going to make me cut other areas of my life…but I feel that this is what I need to do to become all I can be.
  • I need to go harass my co-worker. He’s a Giants fan, and I’m a Diamondbacks fan. We swept them this weekend…and above .500 for once.
  • But first and foremost, I’m a White Sox fan. They’re in first as well. And, before all you Flubbies fans start saying that you’ve won two more games than us…just can it. The season runs until October…and there’s plenty of time for a meltdown.

OK, that’s all for now. Bubba loves ya!

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Found on Twitter

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Apparently Rock Band IS hard. Rush can’t even do their own song.

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Thursday Thirteen #28

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This week: 13 albums that are rockin’ Bubba’s MP3 player.

  1. Daughtry – Self Titled. I’ve never been an American Idol fan, but I like his music.
  2. Godsmack – Good Times, Bad Times. I’ve always loved their music, even though some of their lyrics haven’t appealed to me. Their concerts are awesome, especially when the lead singer sits on his own set of drums and shows that he can do more than just sing.
  3. REM – Accelerate. I was one of those “only their old stuff is good” fans, but this latest effort is pretty cool.
  4. Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Ledbetter Heights. His first album, and still very, very impressive. He was still too young to get a drink when this album came out, and still had some impressive chops.
  5. Rush – Roll The Bones. Someone recently told me that if you’re male and born between 1965 and 1975, it’s mandatory that you like Rush. I’m sure that there are some that disagree, but Bubba ain’t one of them.
  6. INXS – The Greatest Hits. I’m not the biggest INXS fan, but there’s a pretty wide variety of rockers, ballads, and everything in between on this compilation.
  7. Lina – The Inner Beauty Movement. One of my online friends turned me on to her, and I just can’t stop listening. Soulful R&B, nice voice, and lyrics are pretty decent.
  8. Sara Bareilles – Little Voice. Incredible voice, great lyrics, and a nice variety of tempos.
  9. Switchfoot – Nothing Is Sound
  10. Hillsong United – United We Stand. As someone that does a fair share of volunteer work with the production staff at church, I probably should listen to a lot more worship music; however, I have a hard time doing so when I’m not at church. This album seems to be different for me, for some reason.
  11. Matchbox 20 – Exile on Mainstream. This is their greatest hits album, and great listening.
  12. Mike Oldfield – Elements: The Best of Mike Oldfield. I just realized I have a lot of greatest hits albums on here. Mike Oldfield is probably best remembered for Tubular Bells.
  13. Phil Keaggy – Crimson and Blue. A contemporary Christian artist, he has the voice of Paul McCartney, and guitar-playing ability that surpasses anyone on earth, past or present. Yeah, I said it.

If you’re a music lover and you see something you haven’t heard or don’t recognize…check ’em out. They’re all good.

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Anatomy Of A Stroke

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I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever posted this before, so if I have please forgive me.

This video is Jill Bolte Taylor’s experience suffering a stroke. What makes this so incredibly unique is that she is a brain researcher…and does a fantastic job of doing play-by-play through the entire event. Really powerful stuff.

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Brian’s going to China!

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And the last post I have (for now, anyway) is that Brian Barden was named this afternoon to the USA Baseball team, and will play in the Olympics in Beijing next month! Brian has a .303 average and .371 OBP for the St. Louis Cardinals’ AAA team in Memphis this season. I got to know Brian because he’s a relative of my ex-wife, and have gotten to see him several times…the last time was Spring Training 2007, just after the birth of his daughter, and just before he made the opening day roster for the Diamondbacks. Congrats, Brian! Hopefully this will be one more step to making it on a major league roster…permanently.

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The NHL made an announcement today that the 2009 Winter Classic will feature an outside game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks…at Wrigley Field.

As a White Sox fan, we often refer to Wrigley Field as The Urinal. A little joke based on the fact that us men with full bladders end up peeing into a trough. However, I think that this game will be a fantastic event…and I am wishing I could be there to see it.

The game is on New Year’s Day, 2009. Yep…Bubba will be watching hockey AND college football that day!

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ASU is Numero Uno

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According to an article in the East Valley Tribune, has named Arizona State’s athletic program as the best in the nation. Factoring in that decision were the 3 national championships (softball, men’s track and field, women’s track and field) and top 30 finishes by 12 other teams at ASU. Congrats!

However, there was also some sadness for Sun Devil athletics, as former head football coach Bruce Snyder recently announced that he is battling cancer, but declined to specify what type of cancer or how severe it is. My prayers and thoughts go to him and his family.

Hopefully this post won’t get buried…because two more posts are coming right up.

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A Taste For A Cure

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Hiya kids. Bubba’s walking friend Debbie is doing a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. Wine tasting and a silent auction with some KILLER items! Click on the picture to magnify.

Now, if you don’t want to fool around with all of that stuff, you can click on my donation box on the top right. However, I have to say that you’ll have a lot more fun at the Taste! Go support a good cause!

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Sad News

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The sad news that I just received is that Olive, the world’s oldest blogger, has passed away at the age of 108. Mike Rubbo, a documentary filmmaker, started last year to document some of Olive’s stories of her life, as well as posting current video of her telling stories, singing, or just talking to Mike and others. Even though she lived on the other side of the planet from me, her stories from another time, along her obvious joy for living, touched me in a quite unexpected way.

May God comfort Olive’s family and friends at this time of loss. And thanks, Mike, for allowing all of us to share in her life. The link to her blog (or her blob, as she called it) is on the right sidebar, but has been having problems for unknown reasons. A temporary blog was established recently when someone else had to post in Mike’s stead, and can be reached here: World’s Oldest Blogger.

My 400th Post: Sign of the Apocalypse #347

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Yep…this has GOT to be an official sign of the apocalypse. According to a feed from, Paris Hilton is interested in making a reality show starring herself, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan.

If my tivo records this as recommended viewing…I will throw it out the window.