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Weekend Update. Without Chevy Chase.

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  • Finished my first workshop for school. Even though I’ve done online classes in the past, this is going to be much less of an individual event. The classrooms are much more structured online for UOP than my previous experience (Rio Salado).
  • I’ve finished my last Sunday doing lights for a while. There are several reasons that I’m no longer doing it…the most pressing is that I just live too far away to come back later in the day, and I don’t think that two different people running lights is a feasible plan. But I could be wrong. And it’s no longer my concern.
  • I don’t know what to say about my friendship/relationship with pretty girl. We haven’t seen each other since last weekend, and she didn’t come over to see me at church today. I’m sure I’ll see her tomorrow…but I don’t really think this is going to go anywhere. The good thing is, though, that I’m starting to realize a couple of things about what I would want from a relationship (and not just her qualities). One thing that I realized I need is someone that will be available for interaction more than once a week…and not just at group functions. So many women that I meet are just busy, busy, busy. Now, maybe they’re just blowing me off. Probably the case, at least sometimes. However, I believe that we make time for what’s important…and if I’m not important enough to spend one on one time, keep moving. Or maybe it’s just me…and I’m not discounting that possibility, either.
  • I’m bringing zucchini bread to the potluck tomorrow, if it turns out ok. It’s in the oven now.
  • It’s been a good week for politics. Those of you that read this blog regularly (both of you), realize that I’m a Republican. But when I look across the aisle at Obama, I see someone that is philosophically different that me…but doesn’t seem to be morally bankrupt. I don’t care for his foreign policy beliefs, and several other planks in his platform. It’s also exciting to see an African-American nominated for the Presidency, and the fact that America has advanced in race relations enough for this to happen. Can he gain enough votes to win? To me, that’s going to be the $64,000 question.
  • Also, I’m encouraged by McCain’s pick for VP. I can’t say I know enough yet about Sarah Palin, but initial reports seem encouraging. But his pick seems to be unexpected to even those much more familiar with politics than good ol’ Bubba. No matter how this election turns out, it will be exciting, and no matter who wins, I think that man is going to represent the United States to the best of his ability. I haven’t been able to say that in a long time.
  • The zucchini bread should have been done by now…but still looking pretty soggy. Didn’t even test to see if it was done.
  • I finally got all my CDs ripped and on my computer. Since I didn’t renew Yahoo Music Unlimited, I’m going to have to sign up for Rhapsody at some point…but I’m delaying it for now. When I look at what I spend on entertainment in a month, I have a lot of trouble putting out another $15 a month. *sigh*
  • During sermon today at church: anyone collecting a welfare check in the United States is in the top 2% of the world’s wealthiest people. Wow.
  • Cornerstone just launched a video, “Experience Cornerstone”. I found out this morning…when they told me I was in it. I just saw it…I had no idea I was being filmed. Not sure I know what to think about how I look…although I didn’t think I looked fat, so that’s good.
  • I have really missed walking and riding my bike this week, as I’m still attempting to rest up to heal my ribs. Bonus: my back is now also starting to hurt from whatever I’m doing to compensate for my left half hurting. I apologize to anyone I ran into at church that didn’t think I was my usual, friendly self. I wasn’t.
  • I am going to start pushing for donations for my Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. I also have a couple of local events I’m going to be at to raise money. Please contact me ASAP if you’re interested in helping locally. If you want to donate, please go to the top right of the page. A huge thank you if you’ve already donated!
  • Well, time to get cleaning again. Y’all be good.
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Doctor Update

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Well, after some sustained coughing today, and additional pain, I decided it was time to see the doctor. My own doctor didn’t return a call that I made at noon, so I went to an urgent care after I was told that they have x-rays, and can take care of me.

That was partially true. After pre-registering online, and then still waiting 90 minutes, I see a very pretty nurse practitioner who informs me that they don’t have the equipment to do proper x-rays for my ribs to see if they’re broken…but she’d like to do a chest x-ray all the same.

I have the x-ray taken…and what do you know. On top of bruised/cracked/broken rib, I also am the proud owner of a case of bronchitis. Yeah, I know. I’ve had it before, and no biggie, right? Except for the fact that sneezing and coughing are more than a little painful.

So…I’m supposed to have more x-rays done tomorrow…which means I’ll need to take at least part of the day off. Should I take part, all, or none? THAT is the question I’ll be facing at 5:30 am. Until then…g’night kids.

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Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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Well, that’s how I feel, anyway.

With the ribs still hurting, I went for my 4 mile training walk last night. It hurt all the way, but since I’m a guy, I just did it. When I got home, the pain was starting to get pretty severe, but I gritted my teeth, went to bed after swallowing some ibuprofen. But I woke up about 2:00 am to what I would describe as excruciating pain.

A lot of you have asked me if I’d seen a doctor. Nope, not yet. So, to make sure I’m doing the right thing, I checked Web MD. According to the article, I should be seen by a doctor, even though there’s probably not much they can do. My concern right now is the stuff I feel building up in my lungs. So I’ll probably go after work…unless I get off early again, which is what I did yesterday. Oh, and for all of you telling me to wrap my ribs: the article says that’s a big no no.

I signed up for my first workshop for University of Phoenix yesterday. I’m going to be attending their Axia college to get my Associate’s degree in business…and then (hopefully) continue on to my Bachelor’s.

If you’ve ever worked in customer service, I just found a site for you. is full of hilarious customer service stories…some of them look just a bit too familiar to me.

If you’re a runner, walker, or bicyclist…BIM Active might be a site to check out. It works with your GPS-enabled phone on several networks (mine is Verizon) to track your activity, complete with distance, time, pace, calories burned, and will also give you a neat little map of your travels. The GPS on my phone (LG Voyager) has gotten so good that the maps tell me where I crossed the street. It’s frighteningly accurate.

Well, it’s 6:02. Time to get ready to go to work…y’all be good!

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Weekend Update

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Holy cow. What a weekend it has been.

This was the retreat in Prescott for our church small group. I was a little nervous at first…because as part of the car assignments, the ex-girlfriend that I previously mentioned was one of the people riding in our vehicle. However, the ride up was pretty decent. I was the only guy in the car, and as the driver, it was totally acceptable for me to ignore most of the conversation about shopping. We got there early enough to stop off at Starbucks, which is something that I do not regularly have because of the cost.

So, we get to camp and unload, pray, unload, have lunch, and have our first teaching session. I got to play a djimbe as part of worship…which is fun for me. Hopefully I didn’t mess up TOO much. While we were learning about Psalm 61, it started raining. Hard. I don’t believe this much rain was in the forecast, either. Now, if you’ve been reading this for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m not all that crazy about rain. However, the rest of the Arizona residents with me acted like it was raining $100 bills and were all ecstatic. Up to this point, things were going pretty well. I mean, not great, but I was having a good time.

The next part was when it got to be a LOT of fun. Outside of the teaching, worship, and meal times, not a lot was really structured. I started looking around for something to do…and found several people starting a volleyball game. Since it had just rained pretty hard outside, I was a little skeptical about playing in low-grade sand with sneakers. But there was something about it that was a lot of fun. For the most part, it was guys against girls…we had one girl on our team, and the other team was entirely girls. There were five of us on our team, and the other team had up to seven at one point. We didn’t blow them out, and it wasn’t really competitive, but everyone seemed to have a competency that made the game a great time.

Except for one thing, that is. I ended up diving for a ball…and fell on my ribs. When I landed, I heard something go crunch…and I’m reasonably certain that the sand wasn’t going “crunch”! If I don’t lay down or reach for something, I’m good. But if I lay down…it’s pretty excruciating pain. And if it is broken, not much the doctor can do…so I’m just doing the ibuprofen and heating pad routine. It’ll heal, eventually. Oh, and sneezing is a LOT of fun. NOT.

After the game, we gathered in the main room…where it seemed like all anyone could talk about was food…especially ice cream! There are a couple of places in downtown Prescott that were rumoured to have pretty good ice cream, and Pastor Jeff was absolutely certain of two things: his walk with Jesus, and the fact that after the evening session, we would head downtown to have ice cream.

Then, I took a walk with the ex-girlfriend. It was a really, really good chat…and we ironed out a lot of things that just weren’t being communicated. We’re going to try to be friends and see where things go from there. I’m not sure how much else to say or think, other than just taking it one day at a time…and not expecting too much at this point.

Dinner, in its simplicity, was pretty decent for camp fare. We then had our afternoon/evening teaching and worship session, which also went well.

Then came the trip to downtown Prescott for ice cream. I am having much difficulty finding the name of this place…but it was incredible. I sampled the root beer float flavour, and while it was good, I ended up with blackberry and pralines & cream. Oh. My. Goodness. It was incredible! But what happened next was totally unexpected. Out on the town square, they had several different bands playing different types of music. We ended up at the rock and roll side. One of the very pretty ladies that went with us kept cajoling me into dancing…and I kept blowing her off. But for some strange, unknown reason, after I was bugged enough, I pulled her out and started dancing. Or, at least what I call dancing. But we seem to have started an avalanche, because everyone else followed. In my wildest dreams, I never would’ve pictured going on a church retreat, and dancing with about 30 friends in the town square while a local band played AC/DC. There are pictures, but I don’t have any of them, and I’m sure that the people that do are holding them as blackmail. We even had the pastor out dancing with us! Honourable mentions go to the square dance lady that joined us, the kids that found their way into our crowd while headbanging, and the gal that was obviously “looking for a good time”, and kept making eyes at me.

After we get back to camp, we start playing games, but after a while I realize I’m too tired, and start heading to bed. But then the ex-girlfriend/friend/whatever I’m calling her pretty girl comes in, and we end up taking another walk to discuss our relationship…or whatever it is. We stay out until about midnight, and head to my room again, thinking I’m going to go to sleep.

However, Bubba is wrong. Again. After about 5 minutes, the pretty girl pokes her head in the room and tells me to get my butt outta bed, because they want pizza. After some initial cajoling, they get me to start driving towards town again. Oh, but there’s a couple of problems. First of all, it’s 12:15 at night. Prescott, like a lot of other smaller cities, doesn’t have pizza places open that late, even on the weekend. And secondly, half of the crew that commandeered me is wearing pajamas. After about two miles, I realize that this is going nowhere fast, and turn the car around. The bonus on this trip is that one of the gals that came along had already taken her Ambien for the night. Ambien, for those unaware, is a sleeping pill. “Hey! L____! Where are you going?” “I don’t know…I was counting on you guys to tell me where to go!”

The next morning comes way too soon. And again, as I’m getting showered, dressed, and smelling a lot better than I did last night, the pretty girl tells me that I need to get moving, because there’s a crowd of people clamoring for Starbucks. Now, the vehicle I’m driving is NOT mine, so I’m a little uncomfortable with this and the pizza run. But after looking for (and not finding) the owner of this vehicle, I make an executive decision to head down. The car is actually a large SUV, but we’ve taken out one row of seats to make room for the stuff that we had to bring to Prescott with us. We end up with six people, four sitting in one row of seats meant to hold three. The ride back was interesting, when one of my passengers (Ambien lady) spills a little bit of hot chocolate on her pants. Her white pants. Her brand new white pants, that she had never worn before…that she is now wearing on a camping trip. Fortunately, she got the spots out.

After breakfast, we do our last session of worship and teaching. We also had a couple give their testimony of how they got to where they are today…and it was really touching. They also made frilly bookmarks for all of us. Normally, I’m not into that type of thing, but they’re really well done, and it will be a souvenir of a weekend that will not be easily forgotten.

Thanks to everyone involved. It was truly an amazing weekend.

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Finally open

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Nope, not referring to the Dunkin Donuts in Tempe…according to the sign, that store will open in 2 weeks. However, the CVS Pharmacy on Mill and University in downtown Tempe IS open! Nice to have another daily shopping option within walking distance of work and home.

BONUS: As an additional benefit to reading this brief, very trivial post, I am rewarding you with a squirrel…putting a coconut on his head. You are welcome.

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Great-grandmother Of The Year – Finalist

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Bubba sez y’all gotta check this out! An 85 year old great-grandmother woke up last night to find a 17 year old burglar in the house. Too bad the poor kid didn’t know that this granny was packing heat. Pointing the gun at him, she made him go to the living room, and then made HIM call 911. BONUS: link has video of granny.

Story with video at WPXI.

Birthday Post

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I was told that I wasn’t AWing enough today (if you don’t know, don’t ask). So yeah, I was born a few years ago on this date.

But things have been pretty crazy lately. And by crazy, I mean good.

  • Got my annual raise at work. Not going to buy the Mercedes…but anything more is cool with me.
  • Was told by a guy at work: “you don’t seem the type to sit still for long”. Just another confirmation that I’m back to the ol’ Bubba I used to be. Too many people here in AZ know me as the sedentary fat guy.
  • Work is going exceedingly well. And it’s not false humility when I say that I can’t take the credit. I can’t go into details because, well, my office isn’t crazy about me spouting details…but suffice it to say that divine intervention is definitely occuring.
  • Doing well after my short relationship, or whatever you call it. I really am enjoying life by myself…and no, I’m not praying for a wife. If I run across one, fine…but nope, not looking.
  • I was bummed out when the back wheel on my bike broke a spoke..and then bent all crazy. The bike shops here wanted $100+ to replace it…but when I called the place I bought it from, found that they’re replacing it at no cost. Woot!
  • My ex-mother-in-law is taking me out to dinner tonight. I have awesome friends…even people that have no reason to remain my friends lurve me. 🙂
  • Among the people texting me birthday wishes: my ex-wife. That’s nice of her…and no, I don’t mean that facetiously.
  • Metallica S&M…forgot I had this. But glad I’m listening now.
  • Still waiting for work to approve my school funding. Can’t wait to get started.
  • Started practicing to help lead worship at retreat. I’m doing djimbe (drum), but there’s only three of us. I’m still predicting it’ll be awesome. Retreat is not this weekend, but the one after.

That’s all for now. Bubba sez thanks for stoppin’ by…God bless.

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BBC Sport’s Olympics Monkey

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Mother England has a MUCH cooler promo for the Olympics than anything I’ve seen.

BBC Sport’s Olympics Monkey

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Old. VERY Old.

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I really don’t know what to think.

Have you ever wondered…”hey! What’s Lee Majors, the Six-Million Dollar Man, up to these days?” Nope, me either. But I found out anyway. While watching a show, a commercial comes on with Mr. Majors. And…..what’s he hawking?

Hearing aids.

If it wasn’t bad enough, the hearing aids are being marketed under the name Lee Majors Rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aid.

I think I need to start shopping for cemetery plots.

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This weekend

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Well, this weekend has been an absolute rollercoaster.

First thing Saturday morning, went for a walk. An 8 mile walk. Went pretty well! I am really happy with the progress I’ve made while training for the 3-day.

Next, I helped a friend with her computer. When I started checking it out…found that something in her file system was messed up. However, she wanted to save some pictures and stuff off her hard drive before reinstalling Windows…so I took the hard drive out, brought it to my house, and hooked it up to my computer. When I hooked it up, I got a warning that there was a boot sector virus on it. I worked through it, thinking it was probably no big deal. I was WRONG. DEAD WRONG. The virus hopped its way onto my drive…and destroyed my file system. Everything. Gone. Much of the past two days were spent rebuilding my PC…but pictures, etc. are GONE.

So Sunday morning, I head to church. I meet the young lady I’ve been “seeing”…only to have her tell me that she’s no longer interested in anything else except for friendship. I was able to put that aside while I’m at church, and good thing I was…because Pastor Jeff’s lesson on Numbers 13 was nothing short of amazing. I really wish Cornerstone would tape his Bible studies…because they’re incredible. For our main service, we had Mike Minter come speak. Also nothing short of incredible…and I’ll try to remember to post a link here when the video appears on our website.

For most of the rest of the day, though, I’ve been pretty bummed. But then I had a friend call me after she got back into town…and she was nice enough to listen to me, encourage me, and then pray with me. In spite of all the suck this weekend has been, I feel pretty blessed to have friends like this person.

As I start to go back to school, I am starting to pray in earnest about what God would want me to do professionally. The truth is, I still don’t know yet. But what I do know is this: people mean everything. One person can make another sad…but someone else might come along and really make a huge difference. All I know is that the most fulfilling times in my life are when I’m able to come along side someone else and make a difference…whether it’s offering advice, relating to someone, or just listening.

So, as my Sunday winds down, I’m just trying to take a deep breath…relax…and remind myself that God is in control…and that the junk that made this weekend a bit less than stellar is just junk, and will pass in time. Thanks to you guys, the people that read this, and then email, comment, or call me about what I blab about.

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