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Saturday’s Playlist

1. Devour – Shinedown
2. Second Chance – Shinedown
3. Best Of You – Foo Fighters
4. DOA – Foo Fighters
5. Hell – Foo Fighters
6. Don’t Miss You At All – Norah Jones
7. I Love It Loud – KISS
8. The Weight – The Band
9. Say Hello 2 Heaven – Temple of the Dog
10. Disco Lady – Johnnie Taylor
11. Fiddlin’ Around – Willie Nelson
12. Wild Side – Motley Crue
13. Lit Up – Buckcherry
14. Sea Of Sorrow – Alice in Chains
15. Across The Great Divide – The Band
16. Is This Love – Whitesnake
17. Layla – Eric Clapton
18. Tell Me What You Want – Zebra
19. Blood Of Jesus – Rock ‘N’ Roll Worship Circus
20. Nothin’ But A Good Time – Poison
21. Chest Fever – The Band

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Turkey Fun

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Last Minute

Howdy, kids. In about 1 hour, I’m heading to opening ceremonies for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. I will be walking 60 miles this weekend to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

I am still short of donations. Way too short. If you can give even $10, please visit my link at the top right and donate. Can’t see the link? Here’s another one.

I also want to publicly thank all that have already donated. I will be thinking about you as I make my walk around the east valley.

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Protect Marriage

Here in the wild, wild west, Arizonans and Californians passed “marriage” propositions seeking to amend constitutions by adding language making homosexual marriage illegal. Well, maybe that’s not 100% accurate, since it was already illegal in Arizona…

In my morning reading from my Friend Feed, I found a blog post saying that we should protect marriage, but we’re going about it wrong. I’m not sure if the author is serious, because I don’t know him. But he states that in order to protect marriage, we should make divorce illegal.

I really am torn on this one. I have two perspectives on this proposal. First of all, I have been through two divorces. The first one just got too tough to stick it out…but the second one I left because she was cheating. The author of the blog post states that we should “restore the sanctity of marriage, the way the bible(sic) intended”. One circumstance for divorce that Jesus validated is adultery…the difficulty would be how to prove that in a court of law. I had signs that something wasn’t right, but for me the final proof came when I was home sick from work, laying on the couch, when in walks my wife with another guy into my house.

But would that have been enough evidence? What about the pictures and videos of this guy that I found on my computer after she moved out? What would be needed to prove that she was running around? These questions would need to be answered prior to passing any legislation banning divorce, or at the least making it harder. I believe that if Jesus gives Christians the opportunity to divorce because of adultery, our laws should not restrict that freedom.

Secondly, we already have a modern-day example of the effectiveness of a ban on divorce. Until 1997, divorce was constitutionally forbidden by Ireland, a country with an overwhelming percentage of practicing Catholics. When divorce was finally made legal by referendum, a government pamphlet estimated there were 75,000 people in irretrievably-broken marriages (3rd question under Q&A).

Popular opinion finally allowed proper legislation to pass, allowing divorce in Ireland. Not to say that divorce is easily obtained…requirements state that a couple has to live apart for at least four out of five years before filing. Even with these harsh requirements, so many people are filing for divorce that the courts are still overwhelmed with cases 10 years after legalization.

I could not imagine what that would have been like, if I had to wait that long before filing for divorce. Part of the fun of being married to my ex-wife was that she did a lot of things to make it financially difficult. I won’t go into details, but I will say that being married to her drained me of tens of thousands of dollars that I used to have in a retirement fund. Being financially responsible for her for 4 years more than I was would have driven me to the looney bin.

I normally try to compose a solution, instead of just complaining. But banning divorce sounds like a bad idea to me. What are your thoughts?

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President-Elect Barack Obama

I know that I never explicitly stated who my choice for president was during the last election…but I know that y’all are smart enough to figure out that I was not an Obama supporter. So to say I was disappointed last night would be an accurate statement.

However, I was also proud. I consider myself to be a Christian first, and then an American. While our government is far from perfect, I believe it is the best on earth. What happened yesterday is a democratic republic that participated in an election. An election in which well over 99.99% of the population were able to vote without harassment, intimidation, or duress. The people spoke, and their choice was Barack Obama.

His opponent, Senator John McCain, accepted defeat gracefully, offering his sincere congratulations and future support to Obama. He also urged his followers to support the next president.

The incumbent, President George W Bush, also offered his congratulations, and full cooperation in the transfer of power to his successor, a person whose ideologies differ vastly from his own.

Barring unforeseen events, this change of administration will happen without threats, violence, or military action. The transition of leadership will happen as peaceful as the 43 previous transitions.

When I think about how citizens are able to change government time after time over the last 232 years without bloodshed, I am almost moved to tears. Words fail to express how proud I am to belong to one of the greatest civilizations to ever exist.

I will be watching your administration to follow how your changes will affect the way each American lives day to day. I already know that I will probably disagree many times. But I will also respect and honor you as my president, Senator Obama.

If you are reading this, I ask you to join me in congratulating Senator Obama for his successful campaign. I also ask that you pray for God to grant him wisdom to lead our nation through a very difficult time. Congratulations, President-Elect Barack Obama.

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Arizona Propositions – A Last Minute Guide

IMHO, if we are going to pass a proposition, there needs to be a specific purpose for it. The propositions this year, for the most part, are horrid. Here’s a listing and what I have to say about each:

Prop 100: Protect Our Homes

A yes vote on this proposition would prevent state government from passing a sales or transfer tax on real estate. To my knowledge (limited as it is), there is no push to create such a tax. Do I want to pay sales tax if I buy or sell real estate? No. Do we need to create another law to prevent this from happening? No.

Prop 101: Medical Choice for Arizona

This could be the most confusing proposition here. It is supposed to protect our right to choose our own healthcare. But after reading the AZ Secretary of State’s website…I have no idea how this proposition will do so.

Prop 102: Marriage Amendment

I am probably going to stick my foot in my mouth on this one. As a Christian, I already have a definition of marriage: one man, one woman. Arizona law already bans homosexual marriage: two people of the same gender wanting to be together and call it marriage.

I have two problems with this proposition. First: what does it really accomplish? Supporters say this will stop judges from redefining marriage, as it did in California. This is where my most controversial argument exists: why do Christians feel such a need to tell others how to live their lives? We say that we need to protect the sanctity of marriage. Until the divorce rate in our community gets considerably below the divorce rate for non-Christians, I do not feel we have the right to talk to anyone about the sanctity of marriage. I have enough to do in my backyard before telling anyone else what to do.

The second issue I have is one of scripture. Jesus says that we need to love our neighbours as ourselves. We know that 5-10% of our population considers themselves as part of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender) community. What have we done to love these neighbours? There are several reasons why the LGBT community wants to expand the definition of marriage, including legal and financial rights. Civil unions could solve this, but there are more than a few that see this as a lesser class of marriage.

I am still considering the base purpose of propositions: what purpose does this serve? To me, it does not serve a solid purpose.

Prop 105: Majority Rules

Sorry, I have to disclose what I think about this one in advance.


The proposition says that any ballot item raising tax rates or increasing spending needs a simple majority to pass.

Anyone with a television set knows that voter turnout often struggles to reach 50%. If this passes, it will be almost impossible to raise funds needed for government. It means that the people sitting at home, ill, or (God forbid) deceased, will be voting “no” whether they like it or not.

Prop 200: Payday Loan Reform Act

Some background is needed for this one. Payday loans seem to be available everywhere. The current Arizona statute that allows these ultra-high interest lenders operate expires on July 1, 2010.

This proposition will repeal that statute, and replace it with a law that is somewhat more restrictive than current regulations.

If this does not pass, the current regulations will expire in less than 2 years, and payday lenders will not be able to operate.

IMHO, I have to ask myself one basic question. Should we allow businesses in this state to charge 391% APR for loans? If you think this is acceptable, yes would be your vote. I’m a no guy on this prop, too.

Prop 201: Homeowners’ Bill of Rights

It is getting late, and all of this is starting to make my head woozy. Nevertheless, I still need to talk through this.

Here’s the highlights I am able to glean from the website: a perspective buyer may file a lawsuit over defects or problems with the home in question. If a suit is filed, and the seller wins against the perspective buyer, the seller cannot collect for legal fees. Sellers must guarantee materials and workmanship for 10 years.

There is more, but I stopped at the last point. 10 years? Really? I think that a home built should be built to last…but if I build a deck behind the house, I have to get a warranty that guarantees it will be good 9 years from now?

Sorry, but this doesn’t seem right to me.

Prop 202: Stop Illegal Hiring

Yes, it is already illegal to hire unauthorized aliens. This proposition would allow Arizona to revoke business licenses of those employers caught hiring illegals, with penalties for not accurately reporting cash wages. Increases penalties for identity theft related to employment. Removes current state requirement to use E-Verify for applicants prior to hiring.

Here is a thought: if I run a business now, and this prop is passed, is it going to make me say “oh my goodness! They’re serious! I better stop hiring illegal aliens!!!”

Probably not.

Prop 300: Legislative Salary Increase

A yes vote would raise a state legislator’s salary from $24,000 to $30,000.

You are kidding, right? That is all we pay our lawmakers? Who do we expect to get for $24k a year? And is $30k going to make anyone rich?

Pay ‘em.

All information comes directly from the Arizona Secretary of State website. Compiling this helped educate me on the proposals. Yeah, it is biased…but at least I tell you why.


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