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The Don’t Song

I had to stop what I was doing to post this. Guys, you need to see this one.

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Meme time! 25 Things About Bubba

Well, I was tagged by my good friend the Superstarchivist (@laurabotts) to come up with 25 things you might not know about me. As much as I talk, you probably already know most of these…but here we go.

  1. I’ve been arrested. For writing a bad check. For $18.38. Wanna bet I’ll always remember that amount?
  2. The most famous person I’ve met: former First Lady Barbara Bush. I was really impressed by her down to earth personality.
  3. Oops! Forgot about Shaq. Met him last Friday after the Suns game.
  4. I cooked dinner for Van Halen at a restaurant.
  5. I’ve dealt craps, blackjack, poker, and roulette at a charity casino. I also worked there as a bingo caller.
  6. You probably know I love sports. But what you may not know is that I love cricket and Aussie Rules Football, and will stop whatever I’m doing to watch them if a match comes on television.
  7. I don’t know what I wanna do when I grow up.
  8. The town I grew up in northern NY is so small that most online maps will not be able to find it.
  9. I get really cranky if I go long periods of time without listening to music.
  10. I’ve been to at least one Diamondbacks home game every year since they came into existence. Every year, that is, except one. 2001. When they won the World Series. I hope I never get a letter from the organization telling me not to come this year.
  11. As visual as guys are, I’m much more attracted to a woman because of what they say and think. Looks are nice, but they only last for so long.
  12. I throw out way too much food. Not that you can tell by my waistline…but if I even get the idea that something has been in the fridge for too long, out it goes.
  13. Most of his movies aren’t exactly Christian-friendly, but I love Kevin Smith’s work. Brilliant stuff.
  14. At 41, I’m still learning self-discipline.
  15. I once ran from a pickle vendor at a Renaissance Faire who was chasing our group with a set of tongs screaming “wait! I want to give you a warm pickle!”
  16. I was pulled over for doing 30 in a 55 mph zone, and not given a ticket. In fact, I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket, which is pretty amazing to me.
  17. I’ve been playing on the internet since 1993, and have met a lot of really, really cool people in person that I would not have met except for the internet.
  18. I still don’t have a degree. In anything. I’m actively seeking to remedy this.
  19. I’ve had almost 30 different jobs in my life, most of them were before I turned 28.
  20. I will try almost anything edible. Last Saturday’s fare included chicken feet. Not bad, but not sure they’re worth the work it took me to get something off the bones.
  21. My failed marriage taught me what it was like to be a real husband…someone who would stick it out through anything. (For those of you wondering: the only thing I wouldn’t stand for is a wife that cheated on me. Guess what happened.)
  22. My favourite movie of all time would have to be Steel Magnolias. I don’t care if it’s a chick flick.
  23. I will not watch the movie Beaches again. Never. If I’m at your house and you start playing it, I will leave. Period.
  24. One of my best friends in the whole world is my ex-mother in law. I love her to death.
  25. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen my family. Years. I plan on changing that early this year.

I can’t believe I came up with 25 things. Hopefully, they’re not too cheesy.

I am going to tag people by Twitter handles. Consider yourself tagged, @cwaterhouse, @PhxREGuy, @jodyg (where’s your blog?), @TasteLikeCrazy, and @RailLife!

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A New Era

First of all, my apologies for not posting in so long. Things have been crazy busy…more about that later.

However, today is a historic day, for several reasons. First of all, the United States is going to change Presidents. As I reminded some in a previous post, this will happen in a peaceful manner. No one will be shot, threatened, or harmed in this transition.

And yes, we all know by now that this will be the first African-American President elected in the United States. For this, I am glad; even though our country has made tremendous strides in race relations, I know that pockets of racism still exist. Obama’s election is a great triumph for a nation that often defied the law to practice open discrimination as little as 40 years ago.

I thought I would put some of my thoughts, scatterbrained as they are, to a post on how I feel about this day.

First of all, if you have not read any previous posts, or met me, or followed me on Twitter, I did not vote for Obama. Not because of skin color, but because I feel that his foreign policies are dangerous for our safety. I also believe some of his domestic fiscal policies will serve to extend the recession, not end it.

However, this is a democracy, and my fellow Americans have spoken. Knowing that Romans 13:1-3 talks about being obedient to authorities placed above us, I will be obedient. I will also claim him as my president. Via The Born Again Redneck, here’s Dennis Miller echoing my sentiments, especially starting about 5 minutes in:

However, I guess I have a few misgivings about this moment. Most of them have to do with Americans that voted for Obama because of reasons not based on logic – “he’s black”, “he’s not George Bush”, “he’s not Republican”, etc. For instance, one co-worker that said he voted for Obama: “I don’t know why I voted for him…guess because I can’t stand Bush!”

Kids, I’ll get along with anyone as long as they know WHY they believe what they believe…even if they don’t agree with me. But people that just mindlessly follow the crowd really irritate me, especially when it comes to electing the leader of the free world.

But today, we’re putting all of that aside, along with the other stuff. In a few hours, Barack Obama will be my president. God, please grant President Obama wisdom to lead us to prosperity and peace, in the mighty name of Jesus.

God bless America…and may God bless President Obama.

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