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Where’s Bubba?

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Unless you play Mafia Wars on Facebook, you probably haven’t seen much of me online. I haven’t had the time to be as social online as normal…so I thought I would put this up as a short update.

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve been living in my new home. The first few days were quiet and peaceful because Aimee was at her brother’s graduation, so I had some time to try settling in. However, a week ago, Aimee comes home. And then, her mom, dad, and brother came to spend time with us before the wedding.

While I love my future in-laws, I believe this is the first time in over 20 years I’ve come home to more than one other person in the house. To say this has been an adjustment would be an understatement. But I think I’m adjusting well…and I hope they’ll say the same.

With all the preparations for the wedding, Aimee and I haven’t been spending a lot of time together, so we had date night last night. Even though we’ll be spending over a week alone with each other, it was still nice to get alone time with m’girl.

When all of this is over, I hope to return to a more normal level of social interaction…but until the wedding and honeymoon, it’s just going to be way too busy. Sorry I’ve been missing for so long…but I’ll be back. You’ve been warned.

PS: If you’ve received an invitation and have not RSVP’d, please do so! Thanks!

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