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Bad Bubba Blogger

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I’ve been a bad blogger.

And not just because I haven’t posted anything substantial in a long time.

See, I have what feels like 5 billion things that I feel need to be written…but it never happens. For instance, I did the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk 9 months ago. I have a ton of writing about that life-changing experience that needs to be done…and most of it IS done. But I haven’t finished it…which is one of my downfalls: not finishing what I start.

There’s a girl that I was dating at one time. So much time has passed since my last real post that I have now married that girl. Yep. Since my last substantial update, I’ve dated, become engaged, and then married a woman that has captured my heart. We then went to Ireland for our honeymoon…and I wanna blog about that. I moved to her house, and started going to her church…a church that’s starting to see some really cool things happen. There is so much here to write about.

Then I read the news…the word for which I almost typed as “noise.” And much of it has been. And I don’t know what’s worse: the news itself, or the knee-jerk reactions of my Republican brothers and sisters. It seems that common sense has been vacated by both sides, and I get sick of it. I wanna blog about that, too. But time is too short.

And I’m still going to school. This is not helping my blogging or tweeting…

Seriously. I feel like a book is in my head, but I don’t have the time to write. Even now, it’s 11:50 at night, a time where I should be studying the insides of my eyelids, and nothing more. And what little I have written probably reflects that.

But know this: I haven’t quit blogging. Long hiatus, yep. But you ain’t heard the last from this redneck. I want to write a lot more…and may need some help from God to prioritize to get it done. If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop me a line.

Until then…g’night, and God bless.

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Eat out and support our troops

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It’s simple. If you live in the Phoenix area, visit a TGIFriday’s this Thursday, July 16th. Make sure you click the link below, print out the flyer, and TGIFriday’s will give Operation Homefront 20% of the proceeds from your meal.

IMPORTANT! You must print the flyer from the Operation Homefront site in order to ensure they get the donation. Click here for the flyer. See you at TGIFriday’s on Thursday!

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