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No More Private Student Loans

Since I am a student right now, this hits home for me.

According to WREX in Rockford, Congress has voted to end the Federal guarantees to private student loans. In its place will be loans made directly by the feds. The average student won’t know or care; they will still be able to obtain loans…but the loan won’t be from Wells Fargo, Chase, or anyone else but the government.

It also appears that the FAFSA will discard questions about assets and some income types, possibly shortening the form. To my knowledge, the President has not signed this into law yet. But with voting closely following party lines in Congress, it would be hard to imagine President Obama will cross party lines to veto the bill.

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Big Changes

I was reminded this morning that I had not provided details on some important changes in my life…sorry!

Aimee and I both have really busy lives. She has her job, her private practice on the side, and she’s active in church. I work full time plus some, go to school full time, and do a few other things on the side as well. Needless to say, dating was an adventure, trying to find time to spend together. We thought that once we were married, things would slow down, and life would become more manageable.

Boy howdy, were we wrong.

For some reason, when we married, it seemed like the spotlight was turned on a lot of things that we were putting on the back burner…things that we would not be able to continue to ignore. As we talked and prayed together about the choices we had, it became clear that changes need to be made.

The only change that seems to make sense is for me to quit my full-time job. Being a red-blooded male, I scoffed at the idea of not being a provider for my family. However, after talking and praying some more, this is the best way for me to get school done, so I can get a better job…thereby being a better provider.

So, notice has been provided to my employer. On October 1, my roles will be: full-time student, business manager for Aimee’s practice, and house husband. This will add some flexibility, but I’m still going to be pretty busy for a while.

  • Apply for financial aid for the remainder of my classes
  • 15 page paper
  • Math exam
  • Submit info to college to bypass several core classes
  • Learn medical billing
  • Get set up on multiple insurers websites
  • Create forms needed for the practice
  • Miscellaneous projects around the house that have been ignored because of time constraints

And I’m sure there’s more to that list…but that’s the start. We are fortunate; after working a household budget with a few extras, we will be able to survive on what she’s making for the time being…and once insurance billings start rolling in, we’ll be doing good enough until I graduate.

I am truly blessed. Not because m’girl is being my “sugar momma” and allowing me to finish school…but because we are able to figure out life’s problems together as equal partners…and come up with solutions that make sense.

I am also blessed because of my friends, both online and offline, that have supported me in my life and the events that have happened. Thanks for your support…and I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my life.

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Sara Smile

This is without a doubt the coolest song I’ve heard in a long time…and it goes against my hatred for covers. Jimmy Wayne does Hall and Oates one better in this one…truly awesome.

According to a site I saw today, Jimmy will include this as a single on his new album, due sometime before Christmas. Meanwhile, enjoy this 2003 performance from Yahoo!

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