Balloon Boy

It’s been a few days since all the fuss surrounding Falcon Heene. Balloon Boy.

I have to admit; since I’m no longer working full-time, and instead doing schoolwork and business stuff from home, I tuned to the major news stations when Twitter was all abuzz with the balloon floating over Denver that contained a 6 year old boy.

It held my interest for about 20 minutes or so as they talked about all the possibilities. Should we bring it down with a net? Oh, don’t get helicopters too close! Then, they started interviewing everyone who had anything to do with hot-air ballooning. I felt left out. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of hot-air balloons! Why wasn’t someone calling me for MY opinion?

But after a while, I got sick of it and turned it off. I believe I turned TweetDeck off for a while too, because I just didn’t want to hear about it anymore. Plus, I suppose I had work to do. Predictably, mom and dad did all the morning talk shows, and Falcon even barfed on two of them. Precious.

Then we find out it was a scam, and everyone is aghast. We were duped!

My question for everyone: why are we sucked into this stuff?

Let me rephrase that. Why do we feel the need to follow these stories for hours, and then tune in to the morning shows to see them again?

Yes, the thought of a 6 year old floating thousands of feet over the earth is intriguing enough to turn on the TV and find out what happened. However, the news stations stay on these stories for hours because we’re watching them, folks. To blame CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and everyone else is ridiculous. If we don’t like what they’re showing, we have to be adult enough to reach for the remote and turn the channel.

When we hear the saying “everything in moderation”, it’s not just alcohol they’re talking about.

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One comment on “Balloon Boy

  1. Honey, I disconnected cable last April and it was quite liberating. I kept high speed but dumped the tv. News sucks, TV sucks, drama sucks.

    I saw it on twitter and didn't pay it any attention. I knew that balloon would come down eventually.`No big whoop.

    So … maybe it was a miracle the my kids lived to adulthood. lol

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