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Mr. Bean’s Nativity

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Thankful in 2009

I try to be thankful each day…because I believe there is so much to be thankful for. Often we focus on what really sucks in life…and there’s enough of that to go around, for sure. But I believe the reason we cherish the holiday season is because it (attempts) to force us to focus on the good things in life. Here’s my list:

I am first of all thankful for a God that loves me (and you) enough to send his only Son to die for our sins. Without Jesus, we would not be able to be in God’s presence. If you want more information on what exactly that means, leave a comment. If you don’t care for my “religious” angle, keep reading.

I am thankful for the woman that married me in June. Aimee and I have had almost six months of a happy and productive marriage…and I have every reason to believe that will continue until we’re no longer here on earth. I love m’girl.

I’m thankful for my family. We’re not exactly the tightest family, but we still keep in touch and love each other. I’m also thankful for my new extended family…and I love them too.

I’m thankful for you, my social media/internet friends. We may not have the most intimate of friendships, but you have a special place in my life. Thanks.

I’m thankful for the nation I live in, the greatest in the world. I’m also thankful that we have men and women selfless enough to sacrifice their days, month, years, and sometimes their lives to keep us and other free. Freedom ain’t free, and Bubba knows that for sure.

I’m thankful for the material belongings I have…more than a lot of people, but not as much as some. It just doesn’t matter where I rank…I have what I need. I’m also thankful for the critters we have around Casa Bubba. They drive me nuts at times, but I’m glad they’re here.

Lastly, I’m thankful for the journey called life. I’ve had ups to make me smile, downs to make me learn, and a ride that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I’m sure there’s more…but it’s early, and I need coffee. I hope you have just as many things to be thankful for. God bless.

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Shiny Suds…what’s in YOUR cleaning products?

Slightly NSFW. If you’re at work, don’t click play.

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Military and Veteran – Free Dinner

I have heard of a few restaurants offering free dinner to all veterans and active duty military members this month in honor of Veteran’s Day. I will start with the two I remember. If you know of others, please tweet me @azbubba or email me (azbubba at gmail).

Veteran’s Day: Wednesday, November 11

Applebee’s is offering free meals all day long. You will need to provide proof of military service.

NYPD Pizza in Arizona is offering free lunch from 11-4 to all retired and active military employees! Two slices OR one slice and a side salad, plus a soda. Military ID needed, and can dine in or carry out. Also, NYPD Pizza gives a 10% discount year round to all military, police and firefighters.

Dilly’s Deli says they’ll pick up the tab! Stop in and show your military ID.

Not a dinner deal, but Empire Beauty College is giving free haircuts to all military 9:30am – 8:00pm. 2727 W. Glendale Av., Phoenix, AZ, 85051.

Monday, November 16

Golden Corral
is offering free dinner from 5-9pm. Click on the link to view spots that were filmed by Gary Sinise, Bo Derek, and Collective Soul. It’s always nice to see actors and artists taking time to say thank you.

If you know of other Arizona or national restaurants offering similar benefits for our military, contact me and I’ll be glad to add them.

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PodCampAZ. You need to go.

One week from this Saturday is an amazing event that you should attend if you’re anywhere near Phoenix. It’s called PodCampAZ, and you need to attend.

PodCampAZ bills itself as a “relevant media unconference” which can be a bit confusing. To explain a bit further, PodCamp will cover audio, video, social media, writing, and even interacting in person. If you think these do not apply to you, think again. You’re reading a blog, which is just one way a person like me can communicate without using traditional media like newspapers, radio or television. More and more, you’re hearing about Twitter, Yelp, Digg, and other sites that are able to influence opinions and buying habits of thousands. Even if you don’t use those sites, chances are you have a friend or family member that does.

However, when I attended last year, the single aspect that impressed me the most is the focus on practical uses for all of this technology. These aren’t just geeks trying to find new ways to play with things…these are entrepreneurs that are finding new ways to communicate, increasing profitability and community with their customers. In other words, they are talking about things that are relevant to you in your world.

Finally, here’s another reason to attend. IT’S FREE!!!!!!!

Register today, and volunteer if you can. There are many sessions to check out, and there is sure to be something to hold your interest. See you on Saturday and Sunday, November 14-15!

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Let’s Make a Deal

While doing some research for a school project, I came across an article in the Washington Post reporting on a proposal by President Obama, offering to pick up retiree health costs if American automakers would increase fuel economy on their vehicles by 3%.

Really? 3%? I understand that one of your principles is to protect the environment, but is a 3% boost in fuel economy worth paying healthcare costs to thousands and thousands of retirees? I try not to be too critical of you, Mr. President, but if this is the deal you offer at the start of negotiations, your negotiation skills may need some fine-tuning.

Oh, and one other thing. I was a little less than truthful. Because President Obama made this offer in 2005. When he was still a Senator. Less than one year after becoming a United States Senator.

If you look at my blog, I haven’t talked too much about politics lately. Mostly because I see my fellow conservative Republicans acting the same way that Democrats did when W was in office. However, on occasion, I see something like this and it drives me nuts. How does a United States Senator with less than one year experience start making offers like this on behalf of the United States Government?

I do not know if any one individual, even the President, possesses the authority to make offers like this on behalf of the Federal government. But even if he does have that much authority, he better be able to negotiate for a little something more than a 1/10th of a gallon increase in fuel efficiency in exchange for taxpayers assuming the cost for millions of dollars in healthcare expenses.

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