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As an FYI for the two people that actually read this blog: I’m restructuring the blog, including categories and themes. Abnormal programming will resume in the next few days.

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UFC 110 Fantasy Results

I guess I did alright…ranked 110 out of 17,575 players. Woot!

For those that didn’t get to see the card…wow. You missed a great one. Cro Cop returned to his winning ways against Anthony Perosh, an Aussie that took the fight on two days notice. Ryan Bader knocked out Keith Jardine in the 3rd round with an impressive combination in a very close fight. George Sotiropoulous got a decision over Joe Stevenson in an entertaining fight with lots of action, and what I believe was an underdog win. Wanderlei Silva also went to the judges to get his win over Michael Bisping in another close fight. Finally, Cain Velasquez should get knockout of the night after putting Minotauro Nogueira to sleep in less than 3 minutes.

The UFC continues to impress with the competitiveness of their bouts. What a night!

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UFC 110 Fantasy Picks

Here’s who I’m picking for UFC 110. Which means I’ll fall flat on my face since I’m publishing them.

Bubba's UFC Picks

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