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Grumpy at the Game

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Sometimes I feel much older than my 42 years. Most of the time it is because of my health.

Today, however, it’s because of hecklers at the Dbacks game. I have been to a few games, no means a lot of them. But it is very rare I hear a heckler say something original and tonight was no different.

If you see gonna go to a baseball game, sit in the bleachers and heckle the outfielders, say something original or shaddup. And don’t be confused. Chances are you have absolutely nothing to say.


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Some random observations.

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  1. Overall, I am continuing to have a bit more energy. However, this is subject to change, like today. I gulped down a large caramel macchiato from Starbucks about an hour ago. I thought that I would get a rush of energy, no matter how little. But, like mah momma sez, that’s where thinkin got me. I’m pretty worn out right now, and feel like taking a nap. Guess Bubba is going to have to Just Say No to caffeine, and possibly sugar. Or at least cut way back.
  2. I notice a lot more aches and pains, especially when I’m tired. And they happen all over. A part of me wonders if this is because I heard the term fibromyalgia applied to me, or if it’s just the disorder progressing. Isn’t it fun to be in my head?
  3. Political discussions at work are fun! I am surrounded by a bunch of people that think Bill Clinton is the best president we’ve ever had. And, if you’ve known Bubba for more than 2 minutes (and you must be, because you’re not reading this for Vince and Jennifer gossip) you know that Bubba is firmly on the right side of the political spectrum (that’s Republican, for all of you that don’t habla.) And then I have to put up with the “oh, but no one died when Bush lied!” crap. Well, let me tell you something. If you’re gonna come at me with the “no WMD” junk, please remember that Clinton had the same intelligence (aka information) that W had. The only difference is that Clinton didn’t act on it, because he wasn’t president after 9/11.Folks, I’m oversimplifying here. But the fact is, Bush isn’t as great as the right makes him out to be, and he’s not as bad as the left portrayal is painted. And all I’ll say about Clinton is that I didn’t share his ideology on government and economics, and that’s OK. But anyone who lies in front of a federal grand jury should NOT be leading this nation.

    Bubba sez nuff said.

  4. Bubba also sez it’s time to call it hot outside. It’s not even noon yet, and it’s 100 degrees outside, headed for 110 today. The next few days’ highs are 112, 112, 109, and 108. Good thing Bubba has air conditioning, just like the good Lord intended.
  5. The Suns lost last night to the Mavericks, because they didn’t HAVE to win. Well, Saturday night, if they don’t win, they’ll be diggin out the golf clubs. Time to win, boys.
  6. The Diamondbacks pulled it out last night against the Braves. Way to go, kids.
  7. The White Sox dropped their third straight, leaving them 2.5 games behind the Tigers. The Tigers??? OK, wait until we start playing them. We’ll catch up. I’m still holding out for a Dbacks/White Sox World Series.
  8. The Dixie Chicks are offering to play a concert…in Iraq. According to Natalie Maines, the singer that spoke out against Bush’s decision to send troops to Iraq, “I used to think they (servicemen and women) wouldn’t want us to come (and perform) and I’d be embarrassed because I would think that they believed the rhetoric or whatever that we didn’t support them. I realize it wouldn’t be like that and it would be great.”

    It’s been three years since Natalie made that statement. The Dixie Chicks are entertainers, not foreign policy experts. If you like their music, buy their album, and go see them on tour. But to boycott a band because of something one of the members said three years ago is showing less intelligence than Natalie had when she made her ill-fated statement. Bubba sez get over it, already.

  9. From this week: the North Country in northern New York made the news in an amusing way when Victor Gardner, a 22 year old whateveryouwannacallhim, tried to steal 7 calves. You know, baby cows.

    Now, I’m no cattle thief. But if I was, and I wanted to steal 7 calves, I would bring a truck. The bigger, the better. However, this future Mensa candidate decided HIS vehicle of choice would be a 2000 Dodge Neon.

    The sad part is, I was going to try to compose a really cool punchline to go with this story. Sorry to say, I don’t think I can embellish on this story to make it any better. This, folks, is as good as it gets.

  10. It’s time to go back to work. Thanks for listenin.