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Superbowl XLV and Brett Favre

A couple of days ago, I posted that I could not be less interested in seeing the Steelers and the Packers. After all, I have never liked the Steelers…and a Bears fan rooting for the Packers may well find himself in a psychologist’s office.

However, despite what I said, I will be interested in the Superbowl. Because of one particular pain-in-the-ass player named Brett Favre.

In his first season with the Vikings, Brett Favre claimed the Vikings were the best team he had ever played on. Including the 1996 Superbowl champion Packers.

I believe his motivation for this claim did not arise from an objective point of view, but instead because he had a need to stick it to the team that didn’t automatically give him back his starting QB spot the first time he decided to “unretire.”

Aaron Rodgers had spent three years on the bench waiting for his chance to be a starter in the NFL. During the 2008 training camp, Aaron Rodgers was preparing to lead the Packers as a starter when Brett Favre and the team announced that Rodgers would have to compete for a job that was already his.

I will not recap the rest of the mess that has become the Brett Favre saga, but suffice it to say that he did everything he could to destroy the reputation of the team he had helped build for the better part of a career.

Fast forward to…right now. Brett Favre has retired, again. Aaron Rodgers is representing the Packers in a Superbowl in a season that the Favre-led Vikings were eliminated from the playoffs shortly after training camp.

And all I can say is…good for you, Packers.┬áThis Bears fan will be rooting for you to put a nail in the Favre saga once and for all.

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Brett Favre Watch, Day 2

It’s Monday after the NFC/AFC championship games, and we now know the Colts and Saints will be playing in the Super Bowl. Those that know me well know that I’m rooting for the Colts; however, I am not making predictions. The Saints have won a couple of games in a manner that can only be described as miraculous (see the Redskins game). I hope the Colts win…but the Saints seem like a team of destiny.

But as you can guess by the title, I’m going to write about Brett Favre. *sigh* I had a friend text me, teasing about my dislike of the All-Star, retired, un-retired, re-retired, un-retired-again quarterback.

Here’s the thing with Favre. I never disliked his ability as a QB; everyone knows this guy is a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame, and deservedly so. What I have been critical of is his method of dealing with teams he no longer wants to play for. He whined his way out of the Packers, he manipulated out of his Jets contract, and cost Mangini his job in the process.

The media is forever talking about whether or not he will return next year. Why? They haven’t even cleaned all the trash from the Superdome, and we’re talking about whether or not he’s going to retire.

First of all, Brett, we get it. You were injured when you were with the Jets, and you came back strong. You still have the ability to play with the best the NFL has to offer.

Next, you did the right thing by saying you’re not going to decide right now. That’s the right answer, even if you already have a decision. Don’t say anything until you’re ready to make a decision…and stick to it.

Finally, media. When it comes to Mr. Favre: shaddup. Stop talking about retirement, legacy, decisions, whatever. Talk about the Colts, the Saints, Miami, the Pro Bowl (which is a joke because Super Bowl players won’t be there), the NBA, or anything else with some relevance.

There ya go. Thanks for a good season, Brett. Now go ride a tractor for a few months before telling us what your decision is.

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Kevin Everett is Doing Good. Really, Really Good

For those of you wondering, Kevin Everett is the football player that was severely injured a couple of weeks back. Doctors thought he would never walk again, but the news has been very encouraging lately about his progress. However, this station did NOT get it right the first time.

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