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Ignite Phoenix #6 Links

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These are the links used for my presentation at Ignite Phoenix #6. All links on this post will open in a new window/tab.

Operation Homefront Arizona:

Soldiers’ Angels:

Arizona Coalition for Military Families:

Joint Services Support:

Twitter links: #militarymon, @KissMyGumbo, @bouhammer, @SoldiersAngels, @milblogging

Cup of Joe for a Joe:

Thank you for supporting our men and women in uniform. God bless you.

PodCampAZ. You need to go.

One week from this Saturday is an amazing event that you should attend if you’re anywhere near Phoenix. It’s called PodCampAZ, and you need to attend.

PodCampAZ bills itself as a “relevant media unconference” which can be a bit confusing. To explain a bit further, PodCamp will cover audio, video, social media, writing, and even interacting in person. If you think these do not apply to you, think again. You’re reading a blog, which is just one way a person like me can communicate without using traditional media like newspapers, radio or television. More and more, you’re hearing about Twitter, Yelp, Digg, and other sites that are able to influence opinions and buying habits of thousands. Even if you don’t use those sites, chances are you have a friend or family member that does.

However, when I attended last year, the single aspect that impressed me the most is the focus on practical uses for all of this technology. These aren’t just geeks trying to find new ways to play with things…these are entrepreneurs that are finding new ways to communicate, increasing profitability and community with their customers. In other words, they are talking about things that are relevant to you in your world.

Finally, here’s another reason to attend. IT’S FREE!!!!!!!

Register today, and volunteer if you can. There are many sessions to check out, and there is sure to be something to hold your interest. See you on Saturday and Sunday, November 14-15!

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