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Starting over. Again.

Hola, amigos. How’s tricks? I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya…

So, yeah. Life has been an adventure, like always. In just the past year, I’ve lost a dog to cancer, Aimee got a promotion and relocation to a different city, we bought a house and moved, took a trip back east, and now I’m moving hosts for my site.

I moved this site manually. While it took some time, I have restored full functionality on a new host and had to troubleshoot many issues. But the experience was great! I learned so much more about WordPress, got my hands dirty with some basic PHP coding and tinkering with the database to get the bugs worked out. Not to mention the fun stuff with CloudFlare and DNS.

I keep thinking about the direction for this blog. I realize that ‘consistent direction’ has never been applicable here, and maybe that’s not a good thing. So, I’d like your ideas. Especially if you’re a Facebook friend, you have seen what I consistently write about, and you know what you enjoy reading. Please answer the poll below, or leave a message below. Thanks for your time!

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Should Never Be Forgotten

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Creative Commons license used. The U.S. Army, 'Flags-In' at Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day 2008.

Creative Commons license used. The U.S. Army, ‘Flags-In’ at Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day 2008.

James’ mother and father came from England
Wanting freedom from the Crown
He lined up side by side with his brothers
As the Redcoats shot him down
His sacrifice should not be forgotten.

Samuel grew up on a farm
Believing a human is not a slave
At Gettysburg he killed seven Confederates
Before a Southerner put him in an unmarked grave
His sacrifice should not be forgotten.

Bobby flew from Iowa to Normandy
Heeding his President’s call
On a beach in France
He gave the world his all
His sacrifice should not be forgotten.

Frank went to Korea
To give freedom to people in another land
He gave his life
His remains are in foreign sand
His sacrifice should not be forgotten.

Donald found himself in Vietnam
In a war many opposed
He was tortured for many years
Before his now peaceful body was carelessly disposed
His sacrifice should not be forgotten.

Tanisha had to serve after 9/11
She knew terrorism had to go
In the sandbox her Humvee hit an IED
A painful death was the last thing she’d know
Her sacrifice should not be forgotten.
Their sacrifices should not be forgotten.
Their sacrifices should never be forgotten.

The cost of cheap

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As I’ve gotten older, I’m reminded of the true cost of things. No, not their price — but their cost. The opinion I now hold after years of rampant American consumerism is that almost no one knows the labor, materials, time, and energy that goes into any of the items or services they purchase day in and day out. I saw a comment the other day saying that a gallon of milk could never be worth more than $4.00. As a boy I spent more than a little time on dairy farms, and saw what farmers do to extract milk from a cow and get it to market. I can tell you if that person knew how much effort went into that gallon, he would declare it a miracle to get the cost that low.

American businesses have done a fantastic job of cutting costs, enabling goods to be sold at a price far below what we could incur if we had to make them ourselves. But sometimes corners are cut too far, resulting in low wages, environmental harm, poor-quality products, and other harmful consequences.

Check out the video below. As of today, 1€ is equal to about $1.11 USD. Would you expect a t-shirt to cost $2.22?

We all want a bargain. God knows I’m not made of money. But instead of worrying about what you have to pay to get something…think about the real cost of what you’re buying. The old adage says if it’s too good to be true…well, you know the rest.

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Resurrecting an old blog

As part of starting a web development business, I figured that updating my old websites would be a good thing. I moved my most recent blog to The Better Bubba Blog, and I moved The Redneck Desert Dweller to my own hosting platform. I changed the theme and made some minor improvements.

I hope to be writing a lot more than I have in the past, and look forward to hearing what you have to say about some of my thoughts.

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